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International Zero Tolerance Day 2021

Global theme 2021:
„ No time for inaction: Unite, fund to end FGM!‟

“This is what girls can become when they are empowered and supported”



NAFGEM Tanzania was founded by a group of women human rights activists 20 years ago. With its focus in Kilimanjaro and Manyara regions, community members were reached out with anti-FGM and child marriage messages through different social groups. Networking with other partners including transformed community members facilitates monitoring and information sharing on protection issues affecting the girl child. On other hand, NAFGEM Tanzania field activities engaged children in schools and their teachers as much as possible to take actions to prevent and respond to the needs of survivors of child abuse.

Donors to the initiatives were from Misereor Aachen, BMZ/Materra Stiftung Frau, Network Rafael, NESDI, Mundo Cooperante – Spain, Louis De Geer Rotary Club and USAID/Pact. Children received training on their rights, violence against children and measures to take in case they find themselves at risk to abuse. Apart from the 2 kindergartens with 159 children at Orkesumet and Lekrimuni, NAFGEM Tanzania received, sheltered and provides scholarships to 80 girls from Arusha, Manyara and Kilimanjaro.


Brave girls being sheltered and supported by NAFGEM Tanzania during holidays they visit their families under strict protection


Transforming mother of one of the girls smiling to embrace the transformation from harmful traditional practices against women and the girl child


Girls are torch bearers

Transforming girls under NAFGEM Tanzania projects are changing their families and communities. In their brief visits to their families they are mirror to other girls, inspire them to take proactive actions for their rights. They also challenge their families and communities to stop FGM, child marriages and other types of GBV. 

Success stories 

  • Josepha a Maasai girl 12 years old was forced to marriage after she undergone a very traumatic FGM experience in which one of her friend in their group lost her life. Information on her marriage to a man she did not know and now forced to be under her mother in-law reached NAFGEM Tanzania field staff who rescued the girl, accommodated her in a safe shelter and enrolled into primary school which she never thought of joining.
    While at the shelter, she went to church where she observed a girl of her age being in pain and in difficulties to sit properly. After the mass, she approached her only to realize she was forced into FGM some few days back. Josepha took the girl to the safe shelter and reported the incident to Social Welfare Officer and Police Children and Gender Desk. Nang‟idai the survivor cooperated and her father, a sister and other relatives were arrested, charged and convicted by subjecting the girl into FGM. They are in prison serving 5 years sentence each with each paying Tshs one million as compensation to Nang‟idai.
    After the sentences, the community received a strong message on their responsibility to protect the girl child. Even though their tradition requires them to have their girls in FGM, most parents are now scared. Girls on the other hand are now empowered to say NO to FGM. 

  • Four girls rescued, sheltered and provided education support by NAFGEM Tanzania to the level of undergraduate degree in Social Work went to Simanjiro, Manyara region to inspire fellow girls. In their attire and using their mother tongue they taught child rights, child abuse and reproductive health. They shared their experiences and challenged the girls to stand up for their rights. In these visits, 6 girls who were at high risk to FGM and child marriage were rescued through the local government authorities. Currently, the rescued girls are pursuing their studies in secondary school form two. NAFGEM Tanzania is optimistic that the girls will gradually transform their societies from different angles.



  • Joyce was forced to leave her secondary school studies to a polygamous marriage afterher parents received 10 cows being bride price. The girl managed to run to a safe shelter where she was assisted to complete the studies. While at the shelter, she got information that her 6 years old sister was forced into FGM and the parents were getting prepared to marry her to replace Joyce. The information was shared to NAFGEM Tanzania field staff who together with Police and Social Welfare Officers went to rescue her from an aunt who was ready to let go the 6 years old girl to marriage! The girl is now in class 5 and doing very well with an average of „A‟ passes. She wants to become a lawyer in order to help other women and girls in her community.


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