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Children Say 'No" to FGM & Child Mariage

FGM and child marriage are deeply rooted in the culture of the practicing communities. It is in their minds and form a pattern of life in their society. NAFGEM believes that with changes within ownership of the actions will be realized and become sustainable other than imposition or forced change from other sources. It is for this reason, projects designed under this context aim at engaging all community members to talk and voice out their views and concerns freely within themselves and come up with deliberations and plans to reinforce them.

Unfortunately, communication especially on sexual and reproductive health is considered taboo especially with an older or younger generation; and also between men and women. It is through facilitation and empowering the groups to come out from the shells and discuss the issues openly.  NAFGEM has programs where women and men are brought together after initial trainings, boys and girls and also tabling the issues in public meetings.  FGM and child marriage has been advocated to be high in the agenda during community meetings and monitoring and guidance on the issues discussed is required.

Children sports bonanza has been introduced in Simanjiro to bring together boys and girls annually with special themes on anti-FGM/child marriage. Prior to the sports events boys in different groups with girls are given opportunities to discuss RH issues affecting them including FGM and child marriage with deliberation. Further, winners are awarded Trophies  to be contested as a means of anti-FGM/child marriage dialogue promotion. 

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